The pessimism has its value

Photo by Nick Shandra, Unsplash.

The value of pessimism is showing us that our biggest fears are not so intimidating, while there are incredible upsides on the other side of fear.

The power of general pessimism to destroy our lives

  • A huge fear of inaction, where you remain where you are, that forces you to move forward — the flight response.
  • A sensation of peace, recognizing your fears are bearable, not permanent, with counter-actions to minimize risks while they offer an interesting upside for pursuing your goals and having the life you want.
  • On personal finances, build a reserve of emergency. The goal for this money is not to grow. Like in The Richest Men in Babylon, the joy of a few coins shaking in our bag brings the peace of mind: “My family is covered.”
  • On career, acquire useful knowledge that may serve you as survival tools. What abilities and knowledge do you have to build your life from scratch if necessary?
  • From a holistic perspective, build multiple streams of income. Can you sell any knowledge you have? Learn about subjects that interest you and a bit about technology + marketing/sales. We’re all sellers. We sell our values to build meaningful relationships. We sell CV’s to get a job. We sell results to get a promotion or career move. We sell products and services, directly or not.
Facing misfortune, going upstairs, and the rewards on the other side of fear. Photo by Avi Richards, Unsplash.



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